La Fontaine Saint-Jean

La Fontaine Saint-Jean



Yannick Boucard practices his profession in his workshop installed on site. His creations are exhibited in the (free entry) exhibition shop.

The stoneware technique

The potteries are in stoneware, turned from local clays and enamelled with ash-based enamels (wood, straw, bamboo, lavender ashes), the firing lasts about fifteen hours in full flame up to 1300 degrees.


The potter particularly likes bowls, humble objects of daily life, which have become, in Japan, through the tea ceremony a work of art;
Simple shaped, stripped to the basics, discreetly glazed, close to the pebble, a curve adapted to the palm of the hands, an edge made for contact with the lips. Every morning, this bowl will be your companion at the special moment of breakfast.
Each bowl is unique.


To buy our stoneware, our shop is open every day during the summer season from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00.

We also sell some of our daughters' creations.
Elsa makes copies of faience from Moulins while Tania sculpts animals using the Raku technique.